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the wohrmann collection

The Worhmann collection is a carefully curated selection of Rośe and Beer. Founded by the prestigious Van Der Valk family, this collection is patiently growing as the process of selection is done with meticulousness. From the design of the bottles to the crispness of the beer or the freshness of the Rośe the Worhmann range only speaks luxury.

wohrmann BEER

Triple craft beer brewed with 2 cereals, 3 malts, brown sugar and 4 hops, was created by the BelgoSapiens Brewers brewery for the Wohrmann family.

Its hoppy and vegetal nose introduces subtle and spicy aromas of fermentation. On the palate, the balance between the yeast and its bitterness makes this triple a perfectly balanced beer.

wohrmann rose

This rosé is a must in the traditional wines of Provence. The grapes are picked on our most beautiful lamellar schist terroirs during the night. The assembly of these four grape varieties exposed on our valleys makes it possible to obtain a wine on the tension and aromatic finesse

  • A pale colored rosé.
  • A nose full of fruit, combining white peach and exotic fruits.
  • A lively and balanced mouth bringing aromas full of freshness.

Her length allows you to enjoy it as an aperitif or during a meal accompanied by fish carpaccio or fresh salad while enjoying the sun.

The pleasure of this wine is to drink it!