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The Wine Cellar

Step into our cellar, where we’ve curated a comprehensive collection of rare and wonderful wines from across the world. Sit back as you scroll through our selection of red, rosé, and white wines. Buy wine online in style while skimming the sommelier's notes and suggestions for each beautifully made bottle.

Red Wines

The world of red wine is as rich and deep as the wine itself! With earthy Pinot Noirs, full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon’s, spicy Syrah’s, magnificent Merlot’s, and beautifully blended Bordeaux’s to name a few - there is something specially suited for everyone.

White Wines

Explore our selection of refreshing white wines; from fruity Chardonnays to subtly sweet Rieslings, light Sauvignon Blancs to crisp Pinot Grigios - this collection of wonderful white wines is the perfect pair for a light meal on a warm summer’s day.

Champagne & Rosé Wines

Any celebration is synonymous with a bottle of bubbles - be it flaunting authentic French Champagne or popping a bottle of prestigious Prosecco. Getting ready for a day event? What about enjoying a fresh glass of rosé? We've got the best bubbles and rosé for every occasion.

Best Tips to Buy Wine Online

To enhance your online shopping experience, we’ve gathered some helpful tips to assist you when selecting your favourite wines from our Rare Collection.

  • Feed off of what you know and love Wine preference is based on personal tastes as your palate can be as unique as your fingerprints. When finding new wine varieties and brands to try out, use your experience as a stepping stone to selecting the perfect bottle. Better yet, why not sip on a glass to keep your palate sharp as you shop through our catalogue?
  • Enjoy the adventure While it’s all good and well to plan your wine purchase, one of the many joys of indulging in a bottle is taking your senses on an adventure and exploring new and unique flavour combinations, varieties, and pairings. Remember to keep an open mind and if something piques your interest, why not try it out? You deserve to be spoiled after all!