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The Whiskey Lounge

Sit back and relax as you browse through our Rare Collection of world-class whiskeys. We have hand-picked a variety of whiskeys, from Scotch to Bourbon, to ensure that you have a sophisticated selection to choose from. Your success deserves to be celebrated; so pour a glass, make yourself comfortable, and buy whiskey online with Rare Collection’s virtual whiskey lounge.

Scotch Whisky

Scotland is famous for its internationally renowned smokey Scotch whisky. It is often made using the ancient tradition of peat smoking the barley during the production process and ageing the batch in oak casks for at least three years. Whether you see Single Malts as superior for their artisanal flavours or prefer the masterful balance of a blended batch - there is something for everyone in our selection of Scotch whiskies.

Japanese Whiskey

Indulge in a Whiskey type known for its innovation and experimentation. Japanese Whiskey often presents signature flavours of citrus and sweet spices which are attained from Japanese oak (Mizunara) barrels during the ageing process.

Irish Whiskey

Made in the northern islands of Ireland, Irish whiskey is seen as an inseparable part of Irish life - with the word “Whiskey” in Irish (“uisce beatha”) even translating to “water of life”. This type of whiskey is often made with a barley base and aged in wooden casks for a minimum of three years. Fans of this subtle and smooth whiskey can enjoy a variety of types including Single Malts, Single Grains, traditional Single Pots, or a breathtaking blend of two or more styles.


American Whiskey & Bourbons

American whiskeys have made their mark as some of the best in the world. These types include the classic American Rye Whiskey, the smokey sweet Bourbon, and finally - the mellowed-out Tennessee Whiskey.


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