Kura White Oak 12Y

Kura White Oak 12Y


Kura White Oak 12Y“From Okinawa to The World”

Kura White Oak 12Y is the latest premium Japanese Whisky expression of multiple award winning Helios Distillery from Okinawa Island. Situated in Nago-city, the Northern Area of Okinawa that is known for its rich natural environment, Helios has placed high value on preservation of the environment and making

The best use of Okinawa’s natural resources and history, and dedicate to produce authentic and good products. Based on the principal, Tadashi Matsuda, the founder, Helios Co. has been distilling spirits over 50 years and promoting the identity, culture, and know-how of Okinawa. This is why, company’s main theme is “From Okinawa to The World”!
Kura White Oak , is the aged version of flagship awamori from Helios. it is distilled from rice, aged minimum twelve years, and produced by using the years of productions experience of Helios Distillery.

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